How We Help

New Reach Media helps small colleges build relationships that create value. We listen and then collaborate with small colleges to develop and support effective marketing and communication programs that address their particular needs to achieve enrollment and fundraising goals within budget. 

Our complementary marketing initiatives involve:

  • creating and deploying "personalized" communication flows to engage the individuals that make up your audience(s),
  • further refining communications and actions to cultivate and strengthen the relationships with prospects and stakeholders,
  • and leveraging the insights and opportunities resulting from these activities to enhance conversion.


Small private colleges need to attract the attention of prospective students and alumni, and further engage them to develop their interest and commitment. New Reach Media has developed and honed a set of marketing tools and expertise to accomplish just that.

These engagement marketing efforts are supported by our Personal Relationship Optimization℠ (PRO℠) cross-channel communication platform. Utilizing an integrated mix of highly personalized mail, email, microsite and text touchpoints, the platform allows us to establish “learning relationships” between a college and its audience. It enables personal dialogues to occur in individuals’ preferred channels and times, and around the topics that are important to them.

These two-way, cooperative interactions are the core of engagement marketing. While a student or prospective donor is learning more about your college, you are also learning more about her or him. These online dialogues allow us talk directly to individual stakeholder's interests and concerns, thereby strengthening relationships and reinforcing your college’s brand.

Cultivating Relationships

The intent of our engagement marketing initiatives is to help small colleges successfully build relationships that create value, and to maintain these relationships for a lifetime. Whether that means moving an applicant to become a student and contributing alumni, or reconnecting with alumni to support a capital campaign that results in a legacy gift, making the most of our relationship opportunities is important for our success. 

At the heart of our PRO℠ platform is PRO-CRM. This constituent relationship management component gives small colleges the ability to consolidate contact information on prospects and stakeholders, and then track and record communications with them to better understand who they are and what matters to them. Holding true to New Reach Media’s agile approach, PRO-CRM is built on a web-based open source software suite that can be tailored to the unique needs of your small college.

Insights and Opportunities

Don't work harder. Work smarter. While having great, engaging communications and a robust CRM will certainly put you on the road to success, the realization of that success is enhanced by New Reach Media’s PRO-Analytics capabilities. Gaining new understandings from the extensive data we collect these days can give your small college a competitive insight to reach new heights

PRO-Analytics employs the latest cloud-based technology that can consolidate data from a variety of disparate sources across the spectrum of engagement. This data is merged to create holistic views from different perspectives, providing easy ways to visualize and filter data to better comprehend the factors impacting your KPIs. The insights from these views then power our next steps, enabling you to work with greater intelligence, effectiveness, efficiency and economy.