What We Do

Our PRO cross-channel communication platform provides a framework for sending messages through a variety of channels and recording actions and responses to those messages. This intelligence is then used to refine our strategies and help you achieve your goals with efficiency. PRO engages individuals around topics that are of interest specifically to them and creates an interactive dialogue that benefits both parties. While a prospect learns more about your college, you are also learning more about them.


PRO-Messaging is our multi-channel tool encompassing direct mail, email and texting to provide ongoing outreach to cultivate relationships and direct recipients to timely calls to action. Messaging to students today needs to be as personal and relevant as possible to get the desired attention. It also needs to be deliverable. 

With PRO-Messaging, this process starts with data management and hygiene. Cleansed data is then used to produce desired messaging variables and personalization. Finally, all message channels are tested extensively and tracked to ensure deliverability and efficacy.


The nexus of our PRO strategy is a personalized, campaign-specific PRO-Microsite. This supports the direct communications of your marketing initiative (whether student search, yield or institutional advancement), and promotes and cultivates learning relationships with your audience. PRO-Microsites utilize personalized URLs (PURLs), enabling all visitors to experience individualized content that is specific to them, helping foster engagement.

PRO-Microsites are designed to have only the information that is necessary to support the desired response to the calls-to-action of your initiatives. Unlike a .edu website that has to be many things to many people, a microsite’s content is specific to its audience and directed solely at influencing those targeted individuals’ perceptions to meet your objectives.

And, since the microsites utilize PURLs, it makes visits to the microsite discrete so that data is collected on individual users interactions, building profiles of their levels of engagement, preferences and actions. This data can then be used to better direct the actions of your staff and make better use of your resources.


Higher Intelligence for Higher Education – that’s how we describe PRO-Analytics. Powered by the DOMO business intelligence platform, this is an extremely sophisticated, cloud-based business intelligence solution for small colleges at a price point they can afford.

Imagine being able to bring disparate data sources together to create insightful, holistic visualizations of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are important to your success. Now further imagine that you can build in alerts to notify you when those KPIs need your attention. And, better still, imagine being able to access all that information easily from your smart phone.

PRO-Analytics gives you and your small college access to the intelligence within your data to more quickly make better data-driven decisions to achieve your goals. In the competitive market that faces most small colleges these days, this is a new tool that can truly enable you to reach new heights.


Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) applications enable organizations to manage their engagements with stakeholders and improve those relationships.

Our customized PRO-CRM sits behind each PRO-Microsite installation. It maintains the individual records and data behind the site. These records control the content (copy and images) that microsite visitors view on their individual sites as well as support other services such as automated marketing messages to visitors. It also provides discrete reporting for your staff on those visitors’ activities.

PRO-CRM is a configurable and customizable relationship database built on an extensive open-source CRM. It offers function and flexibility that allows your college to query your database to find the information needed to support your goals. PRO-CRM is a great alternative for you to manage records and relationships without breaking the bank.